NBA's Most Overrated Players

His bar is set at another scale which is unfair. He will always be overrated. In some aspects, it is no fault of his own and in others, it is completely his fault. The game seems to come so easy to him, which sometimes it may feel like he is dogging it.  Not sure if the game comes easy to anyone. Sometimes we forget how hard it is to play professional sports. Let LeBron and Kobe be themselves and talk about this all-time stuff when their career is over and even then it will be always in serious question. We will revisit this subject when both their careers have ended.
9) Rodney Stuckey
Remember this is all in context. Rodney Stuckey is overrated by Detroit Pistons management. Why the Pistons see this guy as a starting point is beyond me. He is not a playmaker for anyone but himself. A low percentage shooter from field and inefficient player. The Pistons traded Chauncey Billups in hopes that Allen Iverson and Stuckey would co-exist. Stuckey has been the constant problem on this team that is stuck in limbo. His 40-percent shooting percentage and the fact he can barely break four assists per game is seriously questionable.

This is the fourth season the Pistons have given him the keys to the offense and in those four years the Pistons have ranked 28th, 29th, 22nd, and this year dead last in offense. He may not be the sole reason, but he is the point guard driving this car. Couple this with the fact he is not the greatest defender and a horrible three-point shooter, I can't understand what the Pistons see in this guy. It is easy to get 15 a game when you jack up bad shots--the theme of lots of the guys on the overrated list. The Pistons are a long way from being a good team and full of a bunch of overrated players such as Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva. Stuckey seems to get a free pass from Pistons management, which is why he makes this list. Gordon has shown ability to help a winning team and no one in their right mind ever thought anything of Charlie V.
8) Kevin Martin
Martin burst on the scene and within a year had a great playoff moment in the 2006 playoffs against the San Antonio Spurs.
Here is the kicker: Martin hasn’t been back to the playoffs since that series. Martin is now in his prime and was giving the keys to the car in Sacramento and now in his third year with the Houston Rockets, has failed to lead a team to the playoffs.
In fact from 2005-2008, I would say Martin was one of the most underrated players in the league. The dip in his efficiency has been big. He is strictly a scorer at this point of his career and nothing more. The Rockets have two decent pieces with Kyle Lowry and Luis Scola. Martin doesn’t seem to be the guy that the Rockets need going forward to get back into the heart of the Western Conference playoffs.
At this point Martin while he still has some value left, despite being injury prone throughout his career. He could be good trade bait to perhaps bring in a wing player that plays both ends of the floor or another solid big the Rockets have been trying to get forever.
7) Jamal Crawford
Oh boy.....This guy!  Perhaps my least favorite player in the NBA. I am not sure if there is a worse shot taker in the league. Recently, I was at a Phoenix Suns vs Portland Trail Blazers game that was live on ESPN and watching Crawford in person made me more sick than watching him on TV. He could disrupt an offense more than anyone. As an avid Chicago Bulls fan, I had to suffer through a young version of him and was scared to death they would have re-signed him this year. Apparently, I wasn't the only Bulls fan in a panic about this.