TSC Interviews: Diamond Dallas Page

TSC talks wrestling, fitness, and life with the legendary Diamond Dallas Page. This interview will make you FEEL THE BANG!

Now I'm not going to lie. Other than “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, the NWO Wolfpac, and Goldberg, there was no other wrestler I enjoyed watching more than Diamond Dallas Page in the glory days of professional wrestling.

It's actually kind of sad how a lot of younger fans may not even know what WCW was. WWE's Jim “J.R.” Ross once said in the documentary The Monday Night War that WCW made no stars except Goldberg. I'd respectfully disagree. They made DDP a star by putting him on television. However, DDP is the reason DDP became a superstar.

Through hard work, dedication, and an undeniable connection with the fans, the Jersey Shore native Diamond Cuttered his way into three WCW World Heavyweight Title reigns and creating a special place reserved for only him in wrestling fans' hearts.

Seriously, all I ever heard was good things about Dallas, whether it'd be as a wrestler or person. He didn't grow up too far from me, so when I had the opportunity to interview a man I grew up admiring, I'm not going to lie—I was in awe.

I pride myself for being different from your typical sports columnist. There's no cookie cutter kind of guy here.

Was I biased in my interview with DDP? I'd say no. How could you not respect a guy that became World Champion at 43 years old and now does motivational speaking to help others realize their full potential? How could you hate on a man that helped an overweight Gulf War veteran (who dedicates his life to special education by the way) lose 140lbs in 10 months with his revolutionary YRG Fitness system?

DDP is a good guy and a straight shooter. I learned that in the short time I got to know him. He also has a great sense of wrestling history, which is severely lacking in a lot of young guys today. So sit back, relax, and enjoy my awesome interview with a guy that worked his butt off to become bigger than anyone thought he could become. DDP proved it and has said it before.

Celtics fans, you think Kevin Garnett is the definition of “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!”? You'll change your mind after this interview. Whether you agree with everything he says or not, a lot of it does make sense. But I'll let you find that out for yourselves.

Here are some facts you should know about DDP before you check out our interview:

-3-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion

-Pro Wrestling Illustrated's (PWI) Most Improved Wrestler (1995)

-PWI Feud of The Year vs “Macho Man” Randy Savage (1997)

-2-time United States Champion

-4-time WCW World Tag Team Champion

-WWE Tag Team Champion

-WWE European Champion

-Teamed with Karl Malone and Jay Leno on separate occasions in 1998

-Starred in numerous films including Ready to Rumble and The Devil's Rejects -Founder of the revolutionary YRG Fitness system

Here are some highlights of our talk to wet your your appetite.

On his wrestling inspiration: The Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant was my favorite. I loved the larger than life characters. The managers. I loved their shtick.

On his early career: I knew it started to click in 1995 when I won Pro Wrestling Illustrated's “Most Improved Wrestler” award.

On WCW's politics: Politics are everywhere. Seems like the people who complain are the ones that didn't get what they want.

On his WWE run: Could of. Would of. Should of. That was only six months of my 14-15 year CAREER. I have no regrets.

On Eric Bischoff's public perception:: People forget Eric Bischoff didn't own WCW. He ran it. Vince McMahon owns WWE. He has the final say.