TSC Interviews: Diamond Dallas Page (Part II)

Wait, you thought Diamond Dallas Page was done with us? Not by a long shot! The former World Champion gave us an up-close and personal look at the benefits of his revolutionary YRG Fitness System. Check out the video and pictures to see for yourself!

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The students at MMA trainer Bill Scott's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Shore Academy in Point Pleasant, NJ received a lesson in YRG they'll never forget!

DDP with TSC's Fred "The F-Bomb" Richani throwin' up the Diamond Cutter sign.

Richani wasn't so lucky this time around..

Going for the DDP "BANG!" sign does have its health benefits.

Stretch those muscles!

Do you know guys this beastly at 53? Anyone? That's what I thought..

Perhaps, DDP's greatest achievement outside of the ring is the following. DDP and his YRG Fitness System inspired a gentleman by the name of Arthur Boorman to uncanny lengths towards positivity and greater health. His amazing journey was filmed and edited by his 19-year-old son Warren—as he sets a goal to walk again and to reclaim his life.

An Army veteran who was hurt in the first Gulf War, Arthur suffered for 15 years with the effects of a botched surgery that left him unable to walk without the assistance of leg braces and canes. By February 2007, he had ballooned to 297lbs and by his own admission, was waiting to die.

In looking for a yoga program to alleviate some of his constant pain, Arthur found the YRG workout created by Diamond Dallas Page. He gained inspiration and strength from DDP and other members of Team YRG to propel him toward his goal—"I Will Walk Again!" —and, ultimately, to blow past it. Watch here as Arthur vividly demonstrates that life is not about how many times you fall down—it's about how many times you get up.

Bill Scott and his Shore Academy students have officially felt the bang of YRG!

For more information on DDP and YRG Fitness:

DDP's Official Web site

Twitter: @TheRealDDP

DDP and his YRG Fitness skills guest star in Carnie Wilson "Unstapled", premiering Thursday, January 14th, at 8/7c on GSN.