TSC Interviews: "The Legend" Frank Shamrock

Frank Shamrock is a true MMA legend. Actually, he's "The Legend."

That's the nickname you get for being the first UFC Light Heavyweight Champion or as Shamrock himself once said "The Michael Jordan of the sport nobody knew about." 

Indeed, Shamrock has had unforgettable battles with Bas Rutten, Cung Le, among others, but will be best known for his incredible performance against a young Tito Ortiz at UFC 22. His battles outside the octagon with Ken Shamrock and UFC President Dana White have been just as intriguing. 

Agree or disagree with Shamrock's outlook on things, it's universally agreed that he is one of the all-time greats and pioneers of MMA. MMA for him isn't just a profession. It's a lifestyle. Shamrock is not a fighter. He is a martial artist. 

He is also an entrepreneur, who has secured a comfortable life without having to step inside the octagon again. Of course, Shamrock has retired numerous times and each time has come back stronger, which is the scary part—for his opponents. Rest assured, Shamrock plans on staying retired

When he's not commentating for Strikeforce on CBS or Showtime, he's training fighters. When he's not training fighters, he helps kids. And when he's not doing that or being brutally honest about his thoughts on MMA, he's being a good family man.

Shamrock does have quite a bit on his plate, but that's never stopped him from succeeding. From family issues (specifically with adopted brother Ken) to injuries to disputes with the UFC, Frank has been through it all and landed on his feet.

In a sport where many fizzle out after their fighting career is over, Shamrock has built a strong foundation for the future. There's something to be said for that.

"The Legend" was kind enough to join us for an interview, where we spoke about Strikeforce's Summer of Upsets, the state of MMA, and reflect on his spectacular career. Click here for TSC's full interview archives.


Fast facts


  • First UFC Light Heavyweight Champion (then-known as Middleweight Title)
  • Defeated Bas Rutten in his MMA debut
  • Notable victories over Bas Rutten, Cung Le, Tito Ortiz, among others
  • King of Pancrase
  • First WEC Light Heavyweight Champion
  • First Strikeforce Middleweight Champion
  • Wrestling Observer's Fight of The Year (vs Tito Ortiz, 1999)
  • Wrestling Observer's Most Outstanding Fighter (1998, 1999)
  • Experienced actor/model
  • Author of MMA for Dummies

Here are some quotes to wet your appetite. 

On Strikeforce's Summer of Upsets: "I think it's good and bad for Strikeforce. If anything, it definitely shows the depth of Mixed Martial Arts." 

On Jake Shields' messy Strikeforce exit: "He was just waiting to move on to the UFC. I didn't like him personally. His fighting style sucks. He was bad for our business."

On his career: "I got 'it' at an early age and knew how to present myself. I look at martial arts as a lifestyle."

On the UFC: "I think UFC is the biggest asset to our growth and Dana White is the biggest strain to it."

On the state of Strikeforce: "We're in the entertainment business. It's about putting on exciting fights fans want to see. I like seeing the fighters have control of their situation because they're the ones that put their bodies on the line. As long as these guys put on entertaining fights, that's good for our ratings, ticket sales, fans and the company as a whole. As long as the fighters put butts in the seats, they're stars."

On his stable future outside the octagon: "I was always broke when I started fighting, so I saved my money and invested wisely. Meanwhile, a lot of my mentors and teachers...God bless them. They had millions and ended up broke. I made sure that didn't happen to me." 

Scroll down to listen to the stream or click HERE to download in high quality.

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