WWE Money in The Bank 2012: RAW Ladder Match for Title Shot Result

Cena vs. Kane vs. Big Show vs. Miz vs. Jericho.

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WWE Money in The Bank

U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona

July 15, 2012

Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, Booker T

Money in The Bank Ladder match for a WWE Championship shot (Raw brand): John Cena def. KaneBig ShowChris Jericho, and The Miz to win a title shot anytime he wants. 

So this is our main event...Cena immediately knocks Big Show out of the ring. Cole says this is the most prestigious MITB match in history, due to all the former WWE Champions. I'd argue it's going to be the slowest in history, given who's involved. Show recovers and cleans house. He swats Jericho away, but Y2J hits the Codebreaker. DDT by Miz on Show. Big boot by Kane to knock Show out of the ring. Cena looks at Show and takes apart the announcers table. Cena's got Show up and gives him an Attitude Adjustment through a table. Awesome visual. Just too bad we've seen it 500 times since 2003. 

The other wrestlers throw a ton of ladders on Show to keep him down. Like 10 I think. Jericho slams the ladder into the other guys and gets back to the ring to climb up. His return this year has sadly left a lot to be desired.  This match result will leave a lot to be desired. No matter who wins, it's the same old, same old. We've seen Miz are Mr. MITB. We've seen Cena win everything in sight. We've seen Kane as World Champ, along with Show. Jericho might be mildly intriguing, but the unpredictability of this match is hurt by the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP NOT GOING ON LAST AGAIN. 

Jericho fights off the other wrestlers to climb up, but Cena knocks him off. Miz knocks Cena off. This is the exact opposite of the awesomeness of the Smackdown ladder match. Kane throws a ladder at Miz like a dart. Now Kane climbing. Jericho tries to to stop him. Kane attempts to chokeslam both Jericho and Miz to hell, but they double suplex him on the ladder. Cole asks if you could ever imagine Miz and Jericho working together. Actually, yes and they once teamed for a month in May 2010. 

Cena comes in and slams both guys onto the ladder. Double five knuckle shuffle. That was corny as hell. Cena slams Kane on top of Miz. Jericho takes Cena out with a ladder. Big Show is back from the dead, destroying everybody. He narrows his sights on Cena. He slams himself against the ladder on Cena. Show throws the ladder onto the outside on Miz. It looked like it nearly broke his face. Easy, big fella...

Show throws one of the last remaining ladder outside for a funny visual. Speaking of funny visuals, Show pulls out a giant black and gold ladder from underneath the ring. Show struggles, but finally sets it up. It looks far more stable than those silver ladders...Cole syas Show is going to start the slow climb. Slow climb, alright. Kane climbs up to stop Show. Kane knocked off. Cena climbs up. Ditto Kane. Jericho hits Show with a couple of chair shots to the back and knocks him off.