Colt Cabana Sues CM Punk for Legal Fees After WWE Trial

Two former WWE superstars and best friends are now turned bitter enemies following Colt Cabana’s claims of unpaid legal fees.

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Colt Cabana (Scott Colton) is officially suing his now-former best friend and tag team partner CM Punk (Phil Brooks) for $1.2 million over unpaid legal fees according to the Chicago Sun-Times, following their defamation lawsuit victory of WWE doctor Chris Amann two months ago.

TSC News host Fred Richani provides his thoughts on the lawsuit:

While there are multiple sides to every story, on the surface, this looks bad public relations-wise for Punk. Cabana interviewed Punk on his popular “Art of Wrestling” podcast in 2014 that included damning allegations against WWE’s medical team, which lead to Dr. Amann filing suit (rumored to be bankrolled by WWE) against the two for defamation. Outside of a a brief WWE stint, Cabana has been a career independent wrestler, whereas Punk has been a top guy and top earner in WWE and most recently, the UFC, where he went 0-2 in professional MMA competition.

It might be understandable to some why Punk was sued by Dr. Amann, but Cabana was considered an innocent victim in the whole situation as a podcast host, especially when you look at the amount of controversial statements many ex-WWE wrestlers make in shoot interviews. That being said, very few have walked out so publicly and controversially with a scorched earth mentality as Punk in WWE history.

Via Chicago Sun-Times’ Evan F. Moore:

Cabana’s lawsuit contends Punk promised to help him out with the legal bills they amassed fighting the defamation lawsuit. Cabana claims Punk told him in a text that he would be “100% covered.”

Punk has failed to keep that promise, leaving him with unpaid legal bills totaling $513,736, according to the lawsuit.

Punk asked Cabana to pay half of the legal fees, which comes out to $256,868, saying “You are on your own.”

Cabana is asking for $200,000 in general damages, along with $1 million in punitive and exemplary damages, according to the lawsuit.

Doc Aug 8, 2018 at 5-17 PM by Scott Fornek on Scribd

Punk’s sister has chimed in on the case via Twitter and did not mince words when describing Cabana (warning: explicit language):


My brother is a much better, more sane, and bigger person than I. I will not be surprised if he doesn’t comment at all. I will try to respect that notion, after I say this: that piece of shit was at my house the day my father died. (1/4)

Putting on his fake persona for his own agenda. That was at a time where being my brother’s friend was good for your career. When it “paid off”. Even when my brother was going through his own shit storm, he still tried to help a friend by giving him the first interview. (2/4)

Now that it doesn’t pay, he chooses to try and take his money. The sad thing is, he never cared about money. He cares about genuine people. You lost the best friend you ever had. I am so proud of my brother remaining true to himself. (3/4)

Whether it was for Christmas dinner or for you to pretend you were mourning your “friend’s” dad, I am so ashamed we ever let you into our home. 🐍 (4/4)

One more thing: as a podcaster, as a “journalist”, it’s sickening you’d do this to someone YOU INTERVIEWED. What a giant step back for the freedom of speech you preached. Your fifteen minutes wasn’t enough, back in the limelight. I hope no one ever does business with you again.

More on this story as it develops.

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