Diamond Dallas Page talks WWE Hall of Fame Induction, DDP Yoga – TSC News #13

TSC’s Fred Richani interviews newly minted WWE Hall of Famer and the guru of DDP Yoga — Diamond Dallas Page!

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TSC News on MNN 2 – Episode 13 hosted by The Sports Courier’s Fred Richani, featuring part one of our exclusive interview with new WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page! In this interview, DDP discusses DDP Yoga, getting the long-awaited call from Paul “Triple H” Levesque, his Netflix documentary, his DVD “Positively Living,” WCW wrestling career, improbable WWE comeback in the 2010s, WrestleMania, WWE NXT, and much more! TSC News Episode 13 originally aired on Manhattan Neighborhood Network’s MNN 2 on June 22, 2017.

Diamond Dallas Page talks WWE Hall of Fame Induction, DDP Yoga – TSC News #13

DDP Interview Time Codes:

00:25 DDP on eventually working with WWE again
04:38 Appearing on Monday Night RAW with Booker T, Jake Roberts’ miraculous comeback
7:00 Looking back at original WWE run in 2001
9:05 Triple H’s work with WWE NXT, preserving wrestling history, Ultimate Warrior
10:40 Positively Living DVD, first WCW PPV match
11:48 Getting the call from Triple H about WWE Hall of Fame
14:37 Our first ever on-camera interview with DDP (and first-ever for this website!)
17:22 WrestleMania, Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal appearance
19:44 XFL and the influence on NFL, why WCW was able compete with WWE
20:55 Independent wrestling renaissance in 2017, UK indies
23:55 The lack of true main eventers in WWE, how DDP stood out in WCW

Fast Facts about Diamond Dallas Page:

  • Three-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion
  • WWE Hall of Famer – Class of 2017
  • Former WWE European and World Tag Team Champion (with Chris Kanyon)
  • Founder of DDP Yoga
  • Two-time United States Champion
  • First wrestler ever interviewed on camera by TheSportsCourier.com!

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