Mushroom Wars 2 PC Review: Make Shroom For This!

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Mushroom Wars 2 is a real-time strategy (RTS) game available on Steam

Mushroom Wars 2 Review by Allan Wu 

Apparently, the theme of anthropomorphized flora and fighting for real estate and power is here to stay in gaming. Zillion Whales and Creat Studios have released a cute yet edgy strategy game called Mushroom Wars 2. In this game, you have to guide your little mushroom minions by mouse to invade neutral colonies, while making sure the enemies do not overrun your own colony in process.

Think Starcraft, but way more straightforward and without annoying mutalisks, SCV dragging, and ramp walling.

The campaign in this game serves as a tutorial where you learn how to upgrade your colonies and how to precisely select your forces as you prepare for battle.

Gameplay: 8.5.

The art team really worked their charm on this title as you will see in the in-game cinematics that tell the story between missions. However, being someone who is deprived of a vivid sense imagination has made it hard for me to see the charm of the artwork and illustration connect with the art in the gameplay. I will bet you out of five gamers, at least a couple will feel a sense of disjointedness that I had. I want to be clear that although I don’t consider myself to be a hardcore indie gamer OR somebody who rags on any game’s visual if it’s not even close to AAA scale. I would hope that if Mushroom Wars 3 eventually comes out (or if/when this game gets a big update), that the developers can create the in-game visuals reflective of the great look they have from the artwork used to promote the game.

Note: For the folks who are in the PC Master Race (game was reviewed on a Radeon R7 370 and Intel Core i5 2500K), there is a setting to enhance graphics for better performing hardware.

Graphics: 7.5

Although you will hear the same track play over and over, it’s memorable and appealing. I doubt many consider it annoying. There’s a nice balance of tension and charm here. The developers have included the original soundtrack for purchase on Steam as well.

Music: 9.0

What’s interesting to note that the developers are already partnering with ESL to sanction an eSports competition. If only there was enough time to list all the games you feel are in the professional gaming business for the hype. Of course, we can’t pin this game for being in the scene only for its online experience, as it has quite a deep offline experience — if you are willing to play the entire first episode to unlock and play the second.

At $9.99, it’s a fun purchase and certainly a no doubt buy during any Steam sale!

Overall Rating by TSC Gaming’s Allan Wu: 8.4 out of 10.

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